Sensory analysis: science or exhibition?

Sunday 17th June 2018

In the last day of “La Barbera INCONTRA” agrimusicalletterario festival, the Enoteca Regine Colline Alfieri dell’Astigiano offers a new occasion to satisfy your thirst for knowledge about wine and surroundings.

On this occasion we turned to the authoritative “Center for wine studies of Piedmont “in the person of the winemaker Secondo Rabbione.

During the workshop the Coldiretti Asti project” Barbera Amica” will be presented, followed by a guided tasting with the aim of transmitting to consumers some basic notions about sensory analysis and in particular on the correct use of descriptors, general feelings, to be able to evaluate the visual aspects, the olfactory and gustatory sensations and to communicate the perceptions using a correct and appropriate vocabulary, avoiding the so-called “sensory exhibitionism”.

The laboratory will be held in the council room of the municipality of San Damiano d’Asti. Participation is free upon advance accreditation to the e-mail address