Vaudano Gaggìe

Three generations of men and women. Almost a century of harvestings. An extraordinary treasure of experience in the art of winemaking collected by Enrico and Matilde and handed down today by Enrico, Davide and Enrico Tommaso with their families, telling about a tradition of quality, deeply linked to their land. The Vaudano Enrico e Figli company produces a selection of local wines, with a surprising quality level, from the 1930s to the present day.

Particular attention is paid to the traditional varieties of the area, Arneis, Nebbiolo and Barbera. Special care is dedicated to the Croatina grape from which the Cisterna d’Asti doc “Dragon” is obtained, coming from vineyards located in Roche, one of the most suitable areas of Cisterna.

Cisterna d’Asti is a “middle” town, located between Roero and Colline Alfieri hills in Asti. Its soil of Pliocene origin is characterized by sands, into which beautiful fossil shells and clays of the blue lands can be constantly found. The features of the soil give the white wines finesse and elegance, as you can find in the Terre Alfieri DOCG “Prasulè” and “Pecten”.

There is no shortage of power, elegance and longevity in red wines, as in our Barbera d’Asti docg “Marej” and “Ca ‘D’Furnot” and in Terre Alfieri Nebbiolo “Monte de Stephano” vinified from grapes coming from selected “Sorì” with excellent and peculiar sun exposures and unique soil composition.

VINEYARD SURFACE: 45 ha of 20 contributors

ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 200.000 bottles

Vaudano Enrico e figli s.n.c.

Viale Renzo Catteano 5 - 14010 Cisterna d'Asti