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The PonteBallerine Beekeeping Company of the Carlevero family is located in the territory of San Damiano d’Asti, a typical village of the Colline Alfieri Hills from where you can admire the splendid panorama of the Monviso. The company, active in the Asti area since the 1940s, was founded by Eugenio Carlevero when he began to deal with bees, beehives and honey as a hobby. Now it is led by Cesare and his family, who are faithful to the traditional manufacturing techniques of this precious product.

The company’s history has always been linked to the continuous search for places characterized by unspoiled nature, where there are still particularly favorable micro environments that allow you to obtain a healthy product for humans.

The ingredients of their honey are nature, the industriousness of the bees and the healthy passion inherited from grandfather Eugenio … Nothing else, respect for nature is enough to obtain respect for man.

This is the spirit of the PonteBallerine company and it is aimed at all those looking for that ancient flavor that only our Italian honey has.

Azienda Agricola Ponte Ballerine

Fraz. Lavezzole 32/A - 14015 San Damiano d'Asti (AT)

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