Founded in 1875 by someone called Ortolani from Crescentino, a former Garibaldian who landed  in Cisterna after joining the “Spedizione dei Mille” troups, the Garibaldi restaurant was managed then by the Scapino Giovanbattista family and the Bodda family.

Since 1939 the restaurant has been purchased by the Vaudano family, who still manages it. Over the years four generations have followed one another leading the restaurant, from Vaudano Giacomo to Vaudano Enrico, from Vaudano Bartolomeo to his sons Chiara and Francesco with Luca and Elisabetta.

An ancient restaurant built in a house of medieval origin, modified in the 1700s and again at the late nineteenth century remaking the facade in liberty style. Traditions and ancient recipes are a must. A reference goes to the well-stocked wine shop that offers excellence of Langa, Monferrato and Roero wines. In the ancient “borgo” of the narrow district where the reataurant is located, you can find old farming houses renovated in large hotel rooms in the late nineteenth century Piedmont style.

AVAILABILITY: 100 seats – 10 double rooms

Albergo Ristorante Garibaldi

Via Italia 1 - 14010 Cisterna d'Asti