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Cascina Margherita

Our farm was born with a passion for recovering an ancient medieval rural tradition: the cultivation of saffron from Monferrato.

We produce this noble spice on a hilly land as it to be in the past. We work with annual rotation, organic fertilization, no use of pesticides or herbicides, manual harvesting and separation of pistils, low temperature drying.

All this is aimed to maximize the incredible product that this plant and our land offer us. Our company, over the years, has become very diverse.

We range from saffron to the “Bionda di Villanova” chicken breeding, from vegetables to the production of craft beer, made exclusively with our barley carefully cultivated and malted in the farm.

Obviously, among our products, the saffron beer cannot be missing.

Azienda agricola Cascina Margherita

Fraz. San Giulio 169 - 14015 San Damiano d'Asti (AT)

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