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Canta Lucia

The poultry farm is known for raising San Damiano d’Asti capons, a local gourmet delicacy. This variety of capons is particularly prized for its tender, tasty meat, which makes it a special ingredient in local traditional cuisine.

The animals must be pureblood Bionda Piemontese capons and must be purchased from authorized hatcheries. The birds must be sterilized by specialized medical personnel using traditional surgical techniques, with the aim of minimizing stress.

In addition, Canta Lucia practices a cyclical production that favors the formation of groups of similar specimens, which allows the application of specially designed feeding regimens and prophylactic-therapeutic programs, while respecting animal welfare.

Azienda Agricola Canta Lucia

Frazione Gorzano 9, 14015 San Damiano d'Asti AT

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