Terre di Tartufi

“Terre di Tartufi-Truffle Land” is a non-profit Social Promotion Association with the goal of developing projects related to human life, flora, fauna, the land and the white truffle, which is an indicator of the maintenance of biodiversity and the quality of the ecosystem.

Respect, Improve, Protect: these are the principles underlying the association’s commitment to recovering abandoned land and forests, part of a fascinating but often neglected environment.

Asti’s white truffle is at the center of the strategic evolution of the wine-gastronomic and nature-loving tourism that aims to highlight the peculiarities of our territory: the myth of search and discovery of hidden treasures that offers a unique experience.

The Truffle Land Association will offer a guided truffle hunting for free, in one of the Association’s woods, on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 am to 11 am to all the tourists who will visit our territory in August and from 21th to 30th September.
You only need to demonstrate to have spent at least one night in a tourist accommodation of our area or have had lunch or dinner in a local restaurant or have bought local products during the period indicated.

Terre di Tartufi

via G. Bosco n° 5 14015 San Damiano d'Asti – AT