Tenuta La Pergola

Tenuta la Pergola was born in 1903 with grandfather Tony and since 2001 has been carried out only by Alessandra Bodda. Located in Cisterna d’Asti, the production is aimed at native Piedmontese vines, differentiating the wines in the Prestige and Tradition lines.

In recent years, the sons Emanuele, Martina and Moreno, who represent the new generation, also become an active part of the company, bringing new wines with the MINIFIOR line to the company.

The company philosophy is to make the consumer feel at home wherever he tastes Tenuta la Pergola wine. This is why we open the doors of our cellar every weekend to winelovers,

we want to get to know our customers in person and welcome them into our family.


ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 350.000 bottles

Tenuta La Pergola

Reg. Caso 30, Loc. San Matteo 14010 Cisterna d'Asti