Marchesi Alfieri

Marchesi Alfieri is an historic winery located in the baroque San Martino Alfieri castle in the hills between Asti and Alba. It’s here, among the Alfieri hills, that structured, complex and elegant wines, fully expressing the personality and characteristics of the locally cultivated grapes, have been produced since 1696.

Since 1983, the three sisters Emanuela, Antonella and Giovanna San Martino di San Germano have managed the winery  supported by the head winemaker Mario Olivero. Barbera is the main production accompanied by Nebbiolo, Grignolino and Pinot Nero.

Wine enthusiasts can tour the park, the baroque Orangery and the ancient cellars, ending with a guided tasting of the winery’s most representative wines.


ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 140.000 bottles

Marchesi Alfieri s.r.l. soc. agr.

Piazza Alfieri 28 - 14010 San Martino Alfieri