Ceste Franco

CESTE wine cellar was founded in the village of Govone near Alba, Italy by  Franco Ceste. In 1965, Franco transformed the family farm in a modern wine cellar.

The traditional crops and  cattle breeding of Piedmont region were changed with the farm becoming a modern wine cellar complete with new equipment and the latest technology for growing grapes, harvesting, and producing wine. By 1980, Franco Ceste became the greatest wine producer of the village and built a new larger wine cellar where Ceste wine cellar is now located.

During the same time period, the number of wine varieties were expanded augmenting the production of white wines. Franco introduced international varieties, experimented with unique grafts and the late harvest of grapes.

At the beginning of the 90s he started export activities, which until now were consolidated on select cities in Europe.


ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 200.000 bottles

Az. Agr. Ceste Franco di Ceste Pierguido

Corso Alfieri 1 - 12040 Govone