Ca’ Richeta

When I stop myself to look at vines, maybe after a long day of work in the vineyards, I feel myself tired but happy. Happy to be able to continue the work began with great efforts by grandfather Pinutin and, going back in the late past by Valentina and, before her, Richeta.

I am proud to assist with my eyes at the growth of buds, leaves and grapes which then  give life to my wine. A wine as I really want it to be, which I have dreamt of, and produced in a way that could transmit to my friends a little bit of me, of my own history and of my Land.

Enrico Orlando


ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 30.000/35.000 bottles

Ca' Richeta di Orlando Enrico

via San Lazzaro n° 3 12053 Castiglione Tinella – CN