Il Bumbunin bistrot offers a creative cuisine, but with firm roots to the territory and tradition.
The high quality of the raw materials, the charming nineteenth-century palace in the heart of Tigliole d’Asti, together with the passion of the Starred Chef Massimiliano Musso and his staff, make this small country restaurant a unique environment.

But Il Bumbunin is not only a bistro, it is also a café with french croissants prepared by our chef: every morning he bakes cakes and every sort of sweet: chocolate cakes, braids with raisins, fragrant jam tarts and hazelnut cakes, pain au chocolat …. And during the weekend is possible to have a gourmet aperitif with special appetizers and new cocktails relaxing at open air in beautiful dehor

AVAILABILITY: 35 coperti

Il Bumbunin s.n.c.

Piazza Regina Margherita 3