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The Agriturismo Bricco Gallo, located in Tigliole, is a quiet place where you can lose yourself immersed in the nature and enjoy a traditional atmosphere.

Our guests will dive into a scenario of authentic life in the countryside.

The stalls and pastures of our estate offer the possibility to get to know a special world, unknown to the most, which will be presented to you by a prepared and kind staff, who daily take care of the local cattle breed (Razza Piemontese) and of the swines on the open air pastures.

Each morning starts with a cockcrow, followed by a simple homemade breakfast, rich with different tastes of the current season. At lunch or dinner you will be offered dishes made with the ingredients produced at our estate: the main one is the bovine meat, together with our salami and our specialties with sheep and lamb meat, such as “arrosticini” (roasted meatsticks) and the more common roasted sheep.

Our whole menu follows the traditional local recipes, but we are always happy to play with the many ingredients from our production in order to satisfy any of your desire!

Furthermore, we also offer the possibility to buy our products in our shop “La Bottega del Bricco Gallo”.

Availability: 60 seats – 5 double rooms

Az. Agr. Agrituristica del Bricco Gallo di Granzino Marco

Strada Tigliole n 31 - 14016 Tigliole