Museo Arti e Mestieri

The Cisterna museum, founded in 1980 by a group of volunteers, has become the most important ethnographic museum in Piedmont over these decades. Within the 23 rooms distributed on the three floors of the castle, 25 shops are illustrated, through the objects and furnishings that were used in the past. The tools were collected, restored and placed by the volunteers in the castle rooms.

The building, which houses the museum, was dilapidated in the 1980s. The abandonment, in the 1960s, by the Municipality, which had built a new headquarters for both the municipal offices and the elementary school, had led to the progressive deterioration of the structure.

During these years, the volunteers of the Pro Loco first and of the Museum Association then (who replaced the Pro Loco in the management of the Museum in 1990) have been concerned with finding the funds, with the entrance tickets to the museum, through the realization of parties, dinners, various initiatives, to cover the percentage of funding that was to be incurred to supplement the contributions of the Piedmont Region.

Thanks to their tireless work, the various spaces of the building have been renovated.

Ass. Museo Arti e Mestieri di un Tempo

Piazza Hope, 2 - 14010 Cisterna d'Asti